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Why it's best

We listened to our customers and we worked on the right tools. The result is the Goodwins Wholesale app.

We are delighted to truly bring the cash and carry experience to your mobile device. Our app offers our 50,000 regular items, with clearance and special offers available every day. Regular notifications will remind you of key promotions and seasonal lines as well as those all-important trending products for every season so you never miss seasonal selling opportunities. Notifications will also mean that you never miss out on any important updates or product alerts and information from manufacturers. Product search is another key area that we needed to get right. With over 50,000 products, we wanted to take the pain out of searching for products. Whilst conventional search solutions are still available, we offer our customers barcode search using your camera to scan barcodes makes finding exactly what you’re looking for even easier and vastly more efficient.

Our Story

Founded in the 1960s. Goodwins Wholesale has come a long way and is today recognised as one of the UK’s largest independent non-food wholesalers. Diversifying a business with over 60-years history means we never rush into providing a service without knowing what will make our service truly and uniquely the best. Before considering our approach we researched the market and talked to our customers to learn about what they really wanted from a delivery wholesaler. In short they wanted the same great cash and carry conveniences; up-to-date product information with correctly timed seasonal promotions and excellent stock availability with margin-boosting prices. They wanted all of these things encapsulated in an easy-to-use ordering system that would save them time which would allow them to concentrate on the more important parts of their business or even allow them to enjoy more family-time at home.

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